Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data Backups and Server Failures

With the potential of disaster from natural sources, employee sabotage or simply a wrong keystroke, it is crucial for businesses to have a solution that is secure, reliable and cost efficient. The traditional methods of data backup and storage are difficult to manage and are no longer adequate in today's business world.

DAS offers a comprehensive three pronged computer network backup and disaster recovery solution supporting your business continuity:

  1. Local storage provided by an on-site backup appliance that has onsite storage of the most recent backups for immediate restoration of deleted or corrupted data AND the ability to virtualize (function as) a windows server.
  2. Off-Site storage provided by two secure data centers operating in two distinct geographic locations providing a fail-safe restoration in the event of disaster with 256 bit encryption of all information transmitted off-site.
  3. Emergency remote access is provided via an Internet Web Portal to one of the two secure off-site data centers where your operational environment has been duplicated in the event of a complete site failure in a choice of 12 or 48 hours.

The major advantages of DAS's three pronged data backup solutions include:

  • The combination of local and off-site computer data backup & storage
  • Unattended backups eliminating the reliance on an employee to take daily tape backups and take the tapes off-site to an unsecure secondary location
  • The ability for offsite or remote users to directly and securely backup their computers/laptops to two separate data centers
  • Quick data restoration in the event of a disaster or server failure
  • Local Server virtualization in the event of Server failure (the ability of the onsite storage appliance to function as an emergency backup server)
  • Access to two remote data centers in the event of a total site failure, further insuring your business continuity and data disaster recovery.
  • Support for Windows, Unix, Linux, MAC, Novell, AS400