Network Structured Cabling Services

img03It's very cost-effective to network your computers. A networked environment allows your computer systems to share files, a single Internet connection, printers, and more! Although networks are usually used in businesses because of the need of the increased productivity offered by filesharing, more and more people are networking their homes for file-sharing and Internet sharing. Now everyone in a house can share their high-speed cable/DSL Internet connection. Newer technologies like 802.11b allow you to network without wires. Small transceivers replace category 5 cabling, allowing simple installations and roaming.

We provide network installations and support for almost all types of networks, including, but not limited to, category 5, fiber and wireless networks.

We can handle part, or all of a network install, including the client and server systems, applications, network adapter installations and configurations, and cabling and termination. Supported are a variety of operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and Millennium Edition (ME).
Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP Home and Professional.
Microsoft Windows Vista home / Business and Windows7
Novell client.

Consulting / evaluations are available. Before making a purchasing decision, make sure you call for our opinion! We may shed light on issues that you may encounter with certain configurations.