Tech Support & Repair Services

Technical Support Resource

Take care of that annoying computer or printer problem. We have a large staff of experienced computer technicians that can help you out. We come to your location to please you and created a level convenience to you. We'll take a quick look and usually give you some idea of what is the problem and what is the repair cost (although it's possible we may not be sure what the problem is until we begin the actual repair). We feel confident that we can help you fixed your problem.

img02Computer Repairs

A member of our staff can come to your site, assess your computer or peripheral problems and, either make the repairs on the spot, or take the system to our workshop, repair it and return it to your door, often within hours. We are offering expert in home or office on site computer repairs.

Our Repair Services Include:

Servers, Computers, Laser Printer, Dot Matrix Printer, Barcode Printer, Line Matrix Printer, Scanner, UPS Backup Battery, Monitor, Notebook, Plotter, Projector, PC, Print Head, Switches.